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We are an FA (Factory Automation) system overall solution provider.

Boxline Automation was established in August 2006 as a key enterprise in Hebei province. The company has a 6,000 square meter office building and eight production workshops that are 3000 square meters each. The combined area is 22 acres, with 120 million yuan of total investment. Boxline Automation commits itself to R&D, design and manufacturing to produce a professional supply chain equipment with the overall aim to reduce labor costs to become more competitive in the market.Under the current climate of increased market competition and rising labor costs, it is imperative to reduce the operating costs to remain competitive. Through our cooperation with European and American enterprises, and our elite team of automation professionals, we provide a comprehensive solution that is durable, easy to operate and maintain, and complies with international and European standards.

The main products of services include:

A: The design, manufacture and integration of automated production lines
B: Intelligent logistics systems: Automated warehouses, high speed stackers, high speedsorters, automatic storage and delivery systems
C: The design, manufacture and servicing of flexible robotic manufacturing systems

Our products are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries.Other industries we have provided solutions to include high-speed railway, auto parts, and traditional manufacturing. Our company stands apart from the others by our capability to customize our solutions and tailor our products according to the customer’s requirements.